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When Huckleberry Finn meets Jim, a runaway slave, they decide to travel North on the mighty Mississippi River. They have all sorts of incredible adventures, meet all kinds of people and get into a lot of trouble, until one day... Mark Twains masterpiece is one of the greatest novels in American literature. With his brilliant satire and humor Twain immortalises 19th-century life on the Mississippi River. This reader uses the Expansive Reading approach, where the text becomes a springboard to improve language skills and to explore historical background, cultural connections and other topics suggested by the text. As well as the story, this reader contains : A biography of Mark Twain



ISBN 9788853015471
AUTEUR Mark Twain
FICHIER Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.pdf
DATE 07/02/2020

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Summary This novel is told in first person point of view from the perspective of the teenaged Huckleberry Finn. He begins the book by recapping what happened in the prequel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; then he tells the reader that he is currently living with the Widow Douglas because his father, whom he calls Pap, tends to be irresponsible.He and his best friend Tom like to sneak out at night and


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