LEARN THE MFC C++ CLASSES. 2 Diskettes included.pdf

LEARN THE MFC C++ CLASSES. 2 Diskettes included PDF

MFC, Microsoft Foundation Class, is the critical component of Microsofts Visual C++ 4 compiler which allows programmers and developers to generate code compatible with all Windows applications. Knowing how to use the MFC library is critical for programmers of all levels who want to be successful learning C programming within the Microsoft Windows environment. Designed for introductory to intermediate programmers already familiar with object-oriented programming and C++, this book describes the most frequently used portions of the MFC library. In addition, Learn the MFC C++ Classes also covers the API (Application Programming Interface) functions needed for the example applications. Topics include graphics and text drawing, child windows, dialogs and button controls, edit controls, data transfer functions, document-view architecture, splitter windows, toolbars, custom. controls, status bars, modal and modeless dialogs, and more. The source code and executable programs for all examples used in the book are contained on the two companion diskettes.This Books Covers:> Menus and Message Maps> List Box, Combo Box, and Edit Controls> Data Transfer Functions> Communication Between Parent and Child for Modal and Modeless Dialogs> The Document-View Architecture> Document-View Applications with Filing and Printing> An MDI Application> Class Hierarchy, Data Types, and Hungarian Notation Prefixes



ISBN 9781556225123
AUTEUR Shirley Wodtke
FICHIER LEARN THE MFC C++ CLASSES. 2 Diskettes included.pdf
DATE 07/06/2020

FAQ: What is MFC? - C++


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