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Transfusion medicine: the French model PDF

Founded on 1 January 2000 and placed under the authority of the Ministry of Health, the French Blood Establishment (EPS) is the sole public provider of national blood transfusion services in France. ISO 9001: 2008 certified and formed by seventeen regional establishments, the EFS manages the activities of collection, preparation, testing and distribution of labile blood products. Its role in maintaining the countrys self-sufficiency in labile blood products, whilst meeting the highest quality and safety standards, makes it a major contributor to public health in France. Three major features set French transfusion medicine apart from other international models:in France, blood donation is underpinned by four founding principles: it is anonymous, voluntary, non-remunerated and not-for-profit. Ethical blood donation is the foundation of the French model



ISBN 9782742011209
AUTEUR Alain Beauplet
FICHIER Transfusion medicine: the French model.pdf
DATE 09/02/2020

Errors prevention and patient safety in transfusion medicine are a serious concern. Errors can occur at any step in transfusion and evaluation of their root causes can be helpful for preventive measures. Root cause analysis as a structured and systematic approach can be used for identification of underlying causes of adverse events. To specify system vulnerabilities and illustrate the (PDF) The Evolving Role of the Transfusion …


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